Q. What is the difference between Single Level, Multi Level and 3D products? 

  • Single Level products have one level for water and one level for land; depth contours within the lake are etched only

  • Multi Level products have up to three levels of relief; additional contours within the lake are etched

  • 3D products can have up to eight levels of relief

Q. How many layers will my map have? 

A. The number of layers will depend on the shape of the lake and the product you choose. Narrow lakes will have less room for layers than round lakes.

Q. Can I change the font on my product?

A. Unfortunately, this is not an option.

Q. Can I change the color of the stain?

A. If our standard turquoise stain does not match your interior, please contact us prior to ordering. We may be able to accommodate.

Q. How do I personalize my map?

  1. Go to the product page of the item you would like to personalize.

  2. Find your lake. Start by choosing your country, state, county, and lake.

  3. When the personalization option comes up, select "yes".

  4. A text field will appear where you can describe how you would like to personalize your map.

  5. Complete your order. Our design team will reach out to you with any other questions we have before sending you a proof for approval.

Q. What if my lake isn't on your list?

If your lake isn't on the list, click here to send us your lake information. Our design team will reach out to you within one week to follow up.

Q. I placed my order, but forgot to add personalization? 

A. No worries. Just give us a call! As long as your map has not been put into production we can get your custom information and run the personalization fee ($25) over the phone. (231) 242-0920.

Q. There are some specific towns that I wanted to see on my map, can you add them? 

A. Absolutely! We are happy to add towns, road names, state parks, islands, bays, rivers etc. After reviewing the proof let us know if there are additional details you'd like to see.

Q. Why does the proof you sent me look different than what I ordered?

A. The computer generated proof is a mock up created to give you an opportunity to review the design prior to production. This is not a photograph. The finished piece will look like the photos of actual products seen on our website. Please note the final product will exactly match the approved design.

Q. Why are some of the islands blue on my map? 

A. Some islands are too small for our lasers to cut out. If we attempt to cut an island that is too small, the laser burns a hole in the map. If it appears blue on your proof, the island border will be engraved, but not cut out.